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Victoria and Albert [Devotion]

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[Mikaela Arista Donovan] Character Profile

Name: Mikaela Arista Donovan

Meaning/Derition: -

Nickname/s: Mika

Race: Human


(a) Good Lawful
(b) Good Neutral
(c) Good Chaotic
(d) Neutral Lawful
(e) True Neutral
(f) Neutral Chaotic
(g) Evil Lawful
(h) Evil Neutral
(i) Evil Chaotic  

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Power Level:

(a) Low
(b) Low/Medium
(c) Medium
(d) Medium/High
(e) High

Weaponry Abilities:

(a) Sword
(b) Dagger
(c) Staff
(d) Bow
(e) Mace
(f) Polearm
(g) Axe
(h) Flail
(i) Spear
(j) Whip

Magical Abilities:

Very little magical abilities are displayed from Mikaela, most of which, is channeled through her wiccan deities. For her magic to work, she must first commune with her wiccan deities, and await power gain. Said magic is also slow in working, usually taking about a day.

 However, she possesses a sixth sense that enables her to see, and communicate with spirits, the supernatural, and the like.



Tall, and pencil-slim, Mikaela seems to be able to blend into her surroundings, the shadows, well. Her movements are quick, and usually undetectable. She stands drawn to her full height, unslouching, her shoulders drawn back.

 Her complexion is fair, almost pale in times. Where the apples of her cheeks are, a very, very light tint of pink is laid over her otherwise ashen features. However pale her face is, however, no sign of a blemish, nor teenage scars mar the baby-smooth skin. Long, dark hair falls about her shoulders, not a single lock of it out of place.

 Perhaps the most interesting thing about her appearance, her eyes are a startling purple in colour. Bits of lilac pigment are strewn over a darker shade of purple, creating a misty, dreamy sort of look for her.

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Purple 


 Most of the time, Mikaela wears clothes of darkest ebony. A pair of tight-fitting black leather pants, and a sleeveless corset top is her usual fighting gear, along with a small backpack, and a leather sheath at her waist, in which she sheathes her athame.


 A custom made athame, a wiccan blade, is her sole weapon. The blade, about a foot in length, is engraved with ancient runes at the sharp edge. She wears it sheathed in a black leather sheath at her waist.

Personality Traits:

 Distant and difficult to understand, Mikaela has constant mood-swings, most of which end with her being sulky and depressed for no random reason at all. Though, like any normal human being, she does have moments when she's almost cheerful, but these are relatively rare.


 As a child, Mikaela would spend hours crying herself to sleep as the demons and spirits haunted her waking hours. Born as a first child into a Russian family of great reknown, the Donovan clan, she was given the best of everything. Unfortunately, by the time she was seven years of age, her parents, and the people around her started doubting her sanity, as she would spend hours complaining that there was 'something floating around in the house, sticking it's tongue out at her.'
Her mother, who loved her child too much to send her away to a mental institution, called, instead, for a wiccan woman with seeing abilities to come, and help her child. The woman took one good look at Mikaela's unusual purple eyes, chuckled, and told her that she was destined to see things that others did not see. Mikaela was able to see between the barriers of the living world, and the dead world. Telling Mikaela that her gift was not a curse, the woman then left the house, but not before putting a bronze pentagram talisman around the child's neck.
Terrified, Mikaela started taking karate lessons, though she knew deep inside that if the things she saw decided to attack her, no amount of karate would help. She wore always the pentagram around her neck, convinced that it would protect her from the demons. It wasn't only until her seventeenth birthday that she became curious as to what her pentagram was, and found out all the information she could about it.
Drawn now to the Wiccan religion, Mikaela started communing with the wiccan deities, and would start casting small spells to protect herself, and to draw the demons and spirits away from her, in hopes of losing her sight of them forever. But, as it were, she would see them for the rest of her life...