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Victoria and Albert [Devotion]

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[Seraphine Aleayea] Character Profile

Name: Seraphine Aleayea.

Meaning/Derition: -

Nickname/s: Sera.

Race: Human.


(a) Good Lawful
(b) Good Neutral
(c) Good Chaotic
(d) Neutral Lawful
(e) True Neutral
(f) Neutral Chaotic
(g) Evil Lawful
(h) Evil Neutral
(i) Evil Chaotic

Gender: Female.

Age: 17.

Power Level:

(a) Low
(b) Low/Medium
(c) Medium
(d) Medium/High
(e) High

Weaponry Abilities:

(a) Sword
(b) Dagger

(c) Staff
(d) Bow
(e) Mace
(f) Polearm
(g) Axe
(h) Flail
(i) Spear
(j) Whip

Magical Abilities:

 In battles, Sera uses very little, if not no magic at all. Her battling properties lie within the range of weaponry.


Short, and lithe, Sera possesses the appearance of a person who has seen a lot of hardship, and has endured. Well-toned arms and a pair of short, but atheletic looking legs complement her lissom body.

 Her skin tone is of a deep golden colour, tanned from days spent under the sun on patrol. Proud, high cheekbones on her face are flushed in a deeper shade of red. Pouting lips in the colour of dark red allow a sultry look on her face.

 Shoulder-length red hair, wavy in texture, falls loosely about her shoulders. Olive green eyes shaped like almonds rests over her face, perfectly symmetrical to each other. An upturned nose sits in between these eyes.

Hair Colour: Dark Red

Eye Colour: Olive Green


 As a warrior for her people, Seraphine dons comfortable battle gear. Upon her torso, a tunic of a dark gray, laced up in the front is worn with a silken overshirt of ebony. Embroidered on this overshirt, in a silvery thread, is a picture of a perfect rose in bloom.

 A pair of gray leggings cover her legs, tucked into her knee-high leather boots. A pair of roughly made brown fur gloves are slipped onto her hands. Buckled up around her waist, a belt made of brown leather holds a dagger sheath, and a small herb pouch.

 Covering, her body, for most part, is a hooded brown fur cloak, made of the same fur from her gloves. Often, on patrol, the hood is seen raised, hiding her face from potential enemies.


 The dagger sheath hanging from her belt bears a faint, dulled engraving. Within the sheath lies a dagger, ancient runes carved into the sides of it. The hilt holds tiny red gemstones, so small, one would need to squint to see them.

 Strapped to Sera’s back is a sword sheath, encrusted with the same tiny gemstones in her dagger hilt. Within this sword sheath lies a plain longsword. The hilt is unadorned, save for a small engraving of the words ‘Seraphine’ on the side of it.

Personality Traits:

 A basic homebody, Sera is a quiet, gentle person, whom, if given the choice, would rather stay at home with a good book and a nice warm seat by the fire. Adventuring is something that appeals little to her.

 She is usually quiet, and contemplative, but not to the extent of being depressing. At desperate times of need, however, her people find her to be a worthy leader, as her generally diplomatic ways of solving situations somehow appeal to her people.


 Born in a small village in the center of a forest, Seraphine was but a mere fifteen years old when both her parents disappeared without a trace. Left all alone in the world, she was taken in by the other villagers, and taken good care of by them.

 As she grew older, however, the growing threat of evil within the forests started wiping out the villagers. Her foster parents were killed in one of the raids of her village, and she was left amongst the few survivors to flee into the woods.

 Now, her people live meagre lives of travelling within the woods, never stopping too long in one location, in hopes that one day, the great evil will pass from their woods.