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Victoria and Albert [Devotion]

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[Beryl Weiss] Character Profile

Name: Beryl Weiss

Power level: Medium/High

Age: Appears 16, ever youthful, but she is immortal.

Clothing: She usually wears a soft, flowy white dress with gold laurel link girdle as a belt. There is another gold laurel crown on her head that goes on top of her head after a white semi-transparent cloth is put on. Think Queen Guinevere in the older times and you have it.

Appearance: Wavy, waist lenght hair that's the colour of a blazing fire, and eyes the colour of jade. Petite, tall, with relatively soft features. She seems to glide along when she walks, and there is a soft, milky glow about her.

History: Ancient history tells of a mortal princess who was loved by the god of war and might. She was an only child, and her parents had named her Beryl, for her eyes were as green as jade, and her hair was as red as rubies. On the eve of her 16th birthday, the god who loved her came, and asked for her hand in marriage. She refused.

Thus, the god grew angry, and unleashed upon her kingdom a terrible war that drove the people away, until at last, only she remained, her parents driven away by madness and fear. It was then that the king of the gods took pity on her, and brought her to the heavens. There she remained for a few months, until all the gods and goddesses grew to love her, all except the god of war, who had come to hate her in his despair. Soon, the king of the gods granted her immortality, and made her the goddess of the seasons.

All passed well for the first three weeks. On the first day of the fourth week, the war god overthrew the king of the gods, and cast Beryl out. But he left her as a goddess, and left mankind to mock her as a fallen goddess. He cursed her, never to be loved, only to be lusted after, for men would only see her outer beauty, and never her inner self.
Now she walks the earth, wandering aimlessly and looking for a purpose. Wherever she goes, flowers grow, for she is still after all, the goddess of seasons...

Weapons/Ways of fighting: Beryl does not fight with weapons. Her greatest weapon is her honey-dipped tongue, which is highly persuasive. She also has several magic tricks up her sleeve, but does not usually involve herself in battle. She can also choose to become less noticeable so others would not bother her.